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 Kristine Pichon is not afraid of hard work or taking risks. A strong proponent of taking advantage of every opportunity, Kristine poured experience and talent into a collection to showcase in NOFW's Top Design Competition. Judged based on creativity, originality and craftsmanship, the decision was unanimous. Kristine swept away both the audience and the judges with her inspired collection winning the Yelp People’s Choice Award and the TDC Competition. 



Q & A with Kristine:

1. Have you always been into fashion? Yes! As a child my Grandmother introduced me and my twin sister to a world of creativity. She bought me my first sewing machine at age 5 and I continued to have an itch to create and come up with ways of making unique pieces. As a twin, My mom and grandmother always sought out unique fashions to “show us off,” so this focus on dressing alike peaked my interest in fashion.

2. Share your fashion background. How has it prepared you for your career in fashion? It started with my great-grandmother on my mom’s side. She made many wedding dresses and was known for creating her garments without patterns. That skill set was passed down to my grandmother, who taught me the basic skills of sewing. As I got older I continued to enjoy sewing, as well as drawing, designing, and creating unique outfits. Before I enrolled in Parsons in New York, I attended Xavier University of New Orleans  to study chemistry, with the goal of working in the beauty industry to develop perfumes and cosmetics. But plans changed and I transferred to fine art, which introduced me to Parsons as the path I was suppose to take to fulfill my fashion career. 
After graduating from Xavier I attended Parson’s, which gave me both the technical and business knowledge of the fashion industry. After living and working in NYC for a period, I decided it was time to come home to New Orleans and see if I could build my career here. Although I knew I’d face some challenges trying to build my design business in New Orleans, but having the love and support has helped me to persevere.


3. How would you describe your overall New Orleans Fashion Week experience? It was something I needed at this time to show exactly what type of designer I am. It was exciting and surreal that I was the winner. I went into the competition with the idea that I just wanted to show my designs and have fun, which I did. But winning was icing on the cake! I felt like ‘You can make your career dreams come true.’ It was validating to be recognized for my hard work; I felt it really paid off. New Orleans Fashion Week is a great event to help emerging designers who want to take their design career to the next level by showcasing their fashions and building their brand.



New Orleans Fashion Week, recently wrapping its fifth year, took place at New Orleans Board of Trade.  The five-day fashion fete featured designers from throughout the Southern region, as well as select retailers to showcase their fashions on the runway in front of an audience of buyers, media, industry professionals and fashion aficionados. One of the highlights of the week long fashion celebration is the emerging design competition.  The Top Design Competition shines the spotlight on a new generation of emerging designers in an exciting fashion competition with a highly coveted prize package. As Fashion Week New Orleans 2015 Top Design Winner; Kristine Pichon, received retail placement in Hemline Boutique, a Brother "Project Runway" sewing machine compliments of, a featured in Amelie G Magazine, a professional photo shoot with Photographer Gustavo Escanelle, a mentoring/consultation with the World Trade Center on business development, resourcing and manufacturing.  Kristine also is invited to return to Fashion Week New Orleans 2016 as a featured designer to showcase her newest collection. A total prize package value over $2,500.