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A sneak peak of what goes on at NOFW Model Castings!


Models Show NOFW What They Got

Last weekend, the New Orleans Fashion Week crew travelled to Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to begin scouting models for the long awaited and anticipated Fashion Week that takes place March 21 - 28, 2015. This year's group of models really stepped it up, totaling over 60 models seen at each location in one weekend and giving the New Orleans Fashion Week crew the chance to hand pick models from a large and wonderfully diverse group of people. Each model came, portfolio in hand, and was told to wait in line until their assigned number was called. When the time arrived, the model was taken into a room where their headshot and full body shot was taken, and then proceeded to wait in a line where they would wait their turn to show the New Orleans Fashion Week crew their best runway walk. Models were assessed, encouraged, pumped up, and given advice to help bring out the spice in their step.

The castings see plenty of lovely ladies come out but Fashion Week needs more men! New Orleans Fashion Week really encourages all guys that meet the height and size requirements to come to the castings this weekend.

The New Orleans Fashion Week team still has two more locations to scout out models at: Gulfport, MS on January 24 and their very own New Orleans, LA on January 25. The team encourages anyone interested in participating in a highly cultured and upscale fashion event to come and give it a shot. Models coming to the castings are expected to wear all-black, form-fitting attire and heels/dress shoes. All other model requirements can be viewed under the "Model Casting"  section of the "Get Involved" tab on our website!


5 Reasons to Attend FWNOLA 2014

On the fence about attending Fashion Week New Orleans 2014? What’s there to think about?

Here are five reasons to get your tickets now for an incredible week of fabulous runway shows!  Trust don’t want to miss FWNOLA 2014!

1. Top Design Competition (TDC)
Don’t miss FWNOLA’s signature event on opening night, where you can be the first to see creations from the city’s emerging designers.

TDC shines the spotlight on a new generation of emerging designers in an exciting fashion competition with a highly coveted prize package. Ashley Gunkel, winner of TDC 2013, received retail placement in Hemline Boutique, a consultation package from NOLA Sewn, a feature in Amelie G Magazine, a Brother “Project Runway” sewing machine, compliments of, a gift certificate from Promenade Fabrics, a professional photo shoot with photographer Gustavo Escanelle, and Featured Designer placement at FWNOLA! 



2. All of the city’s best fashions under ONE roof
An opportunity like this does not come around often (Only once a year to be exact!). For three nights, you will have full access to some of the city’s best fashions taking place at New Orleans Board of Trade. Watch runway shows from designers and retailers, and enjoy some serious retail therapy in the chic Style Lounge, a marketplace filled with many jeweler and accessories from designers and retailers from throughout the Southern region. It’s the ultimate fashion experience!



3. Get the Red-Carpet Treatment
Let your inner fashionista run wild at FWNOLA. This event is not for the tame-hearted! Join other chic attendees in making a fashion statement of your own. This is your chance to go all out with your look and make your own fashion statement! Take a fashion risk! FWNOLA is the perfect place for it! You'll feel like a celebraity as the fashion week paparazzi capture the moments.


 4. Be a part of the fashion movement
New Orleans is known for its many culturally rich creative components, like art, food, and music, but its burgeoning fashion industry is not celebrated nearly enough! This is a great time for retail and fashion in New Orleans. New Orleans retailers and designers have received press in Women’s Wear Daily, Entrepreneur Magazine, Elle Magazine Quebec, the Oxygen Network, and Southern Living. The US Economic Development Association states that retail is one of New Orleans’ leading economic sectors with a projected growth of 32% by the year 2020. FWNOLA is excited to play a significant role in this fashion-forward movement and would love to have you join us!


5. Support local fashions. Giving back is always in style!
FWNOLA is designed to be a fashion experience that everyone walks away from with a new appreciation of our local designers and boutiques. Give our city’s talented designers and retailers the recognition they deserve by supporting them on the runway. Join the fun as our designers and boutiques showcase the season’s must-haves, all available right here in our great city! Take it one step further and give back to our vibrant city through our charitable partners, NO/Aids Task Force, who will be conducting a silent auction throughout FWNOLA.



To secure your place amidst cutting-edge fashion, shopping, and socializing with New Orleans most fashionable, click here.


5 Things Every Fashionista Should Have in her Purse at Fashion Week New Orleans!

When planning your fabulous outfits for FWNOLA, you should never forget the essentials that a fashionista should have in her purse that will keep you looking and feeling fresh all night long. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 things every fashionista should have in her purse!

1. Lipstick

Whether you’re wearing natural or dramatic makeup, everyone should always have a go-to lip color to top off any look. While we love a feminine baby pink lip or a colorless gloss, we LOVE to rock a statement lip. Who doesn’t?! Go beyond the classic red lip, take a risk (it will pay off, we promise!), and try purple! Our drug-store favorite is Shameless, from Revlon’s ColorBurst Matte Balm collection. This purple is a great pop for an all black outfit.

Check out Magnolia Makeup for a consultation by the city’s best makeup artists. They have their own line of makeup that they can color-match perfect for you! We also love, LipScape, another New Orleans-based company with handcrafted lip products that offers unique colors at great prices!



2. Black Eyeliner

Make up is extremely important for every great look. Even with your makeup professionally done, with all the chaos of Fashion Week, makeup can easily get smudged. This won’t be a problem for the trained fashionista because she always comes fully prepared with her own eyeliner so she can freshen her water line in the ladies room.



3. Travel-size Body Spray or Rollerball Perfume

It's every fashionista’s responsibility to make a good impression before she even opens her mouth to speak. It involves more than just her look, but her smell. Having a travel-size bottle of smell-goods in her purse ensures that she smells amazing all night. First impressions count, people! Be careful not to over-spray!



4. A comb

We are all too familiar with the hustle and bustle of a Fashion Week. You want to have perfect hair not only for your red carpet entrance, but throughout the entire night. So keep a little comb on hand to handle all the stray hairs that finger combing can’t tame. 


5. Flats

Yes, we said it, flats! While we swear by our heels, such a high-intensity event takes a toll on your toes! You don’t want to be in pain or have to be sitting throughout the event. Try Dr. Scholl’s foldable flats, or any small malleable flats, that fit comfortably in your purse. That way, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the Style Lounge and all the delicious fashions we have to offer!


A+ Style Back to School Fashion Trends

Celebrity-inspired fashion trends that can easily be incorporated into your back-to-school wardrobe and has style and charismatic appeal at the same time...even if you are required to wear a school uniform.  Look for these hot trends plus a few others to hit the hallways this back-to-school season.



Infinity Scarf – An easy way to add a punch of color and style to an outfit is with the infinity scarf. The infinity scarf is stylish, functional and popular for both girls and guys from teens to adults. And, the fact that you can wear it a variety of ways is a bonus!

Ballerina Flats – Ballet flats never go out of style, but what’s trending for back-to-school are styles with pizzazz. This fall look for the comfortable flats to return with fresh details such as cutouts, studs, bright colors or embellished with your favorite image, such as the popular cat face worn by Taylor Swift.

Flowered Headbands – Thanks to popular TV shows such as Gossip Girls, hair accessories will continue to be a hit with tweens and teens for adding a touch of unique style to their back-to-school list of must-have fashion accessories. Running late for class, no worries – throw your hair in a topknot, add a stylist flowered headband, and rock out a cool trendy style.

Military Jacket – Military jackets will remain in full force for fall 2013. This look may be making an encore appearance, but expect to see it with a modern twist. It’s the traditional jacket complete with shiny buttons, odd epaulet and loads of style. This season will include the cropped, boxy and longer tailored version, as well as the bomber style and camouflage print. Military and bomber jackets are a fashion favorite for many celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Carrie Underwood and Malia Obama.

Messenger Bag – This year what you use to carry back-to-school essentials will be equally as important as what is in it. Forget about the typical backpack and rock a leather, canvas or mixed-media messenger bag. Choose a style with design options that speaks volume to your personality, such as classic monogrammed, shiny metallic or, or distressed leather.